Rinoil's Rig Safety Introductory Training provide new and less experienced employees with the basic skills needed to excel in the demanding oilfield environment.

To work in the high-risk drilling field, it is critical that all employees have the basic skills to succeed. Unprepared new employees create unnecessary risks to the entire operation. These risks can be mitigated through our Rig Safety Introductory process.

Rinoil's Rig Safety introductory training includes:

  • HSE IADC Rig Pass - Offered in conjunction with our partners for individuals new to the oil and gas industry. The HSE IADC Rig Pass course provides new employees with a basic orientation of rig operations and safe work practices.
  • First Aid/Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation - Our First Aid/CPR course provides essential knowledge and skills necessary to deliver emergency care until professional medical care can be given. Upon mastery of written and practical tests, participants receive international OMI and Medic First Aid certification.

These courses taken in conjunction will ensure your new employees are prepared for the high-risk rig environment.